Thinking of skipping the videographer for your wedding? Read this first!

Yes, you need a wedding video – Thinking of skipping the videographer? Read this first!

by JAIMIE DALESSIO (as featured in The Knot magazine)

If you’re thinking it’s an optional extra, or that hiring a photographer and a videographer is overkill, you need to reconsider. Many brides list skipping the video as their number-one regret. Still think it’s a maybe? Do yourself (and your future kids) a favor and read on to see why we say a wedding video is a must.

a video will catch what you miss…

Inevitably, there will be parts of your wedding day that you won’t get to see, like your guests’ reactions to your first dance, your parents’ faces during the ceremony or how nervous your groom looked while he waited to see you for the first time. That’s part of the reason you’re hiring professionals to document it all – so you don’t miss a moment of the day you worked so hard to plan, right? Well, some missed moments may not mean much (or make much sense) from just a photo, but a video can help bring them back to life and put them into context.

…and things photos can’t

A video can capture moments in a completely different way than a photo can (think: your dress moving as you walk down the aisle, or your 90-year-old nana getting down on the dance floor). It will also pick up conversations you’ll want to remember, like your sister’s toast or your dad’s speech. The video is really a behind-the-scenes look at your wedding photos, which will show you two laughing after posing for a kiss or your bridesmaids doing a happy dance when the portrait session (finally!) ends. So when it comes to documenting your day, don’t think of photography and videography as one or the other. Think of the two as a team. And for best results, choose a photographer and videographer who are willing to work together or, better yet, have worked together before, so their end products complement each other.

today’s videos are party-friendly

Forget the image of a big clunky camera, bright blinding lights and photo montages set to cheesy music. Today’s videographers are pros at making you (and your guests) feel comfortable – working with smaller cameras that allow them to blend into the crowd – so you and your guests can act natural in front of the lens.

they’re now viewer-friendly too…

Wedding videos have gotten shorter (and in case there was any question, that’s a good thing). As much as you’ll want to relive your wedding day, trust us, even the two of you won’t want to watch the entire five –hour play-by-play more than a few times (if that). Enter the highlight reel: a 15- to 30-minute flick that includes – yep, you guessed it – highlights from your wedding day. If you still want a record of every single minute of your wedding just to have (even if you never watch it), ask your videographer to include a video with all the raw footage (awkward toasts and all) separate from your wedding movie containing the highlights of the day. And for a version even your coworkers and little brother will sit through, there’s the wedding trailer, a three- to five-minute long mini motion picture that wraps up the entire day in one pretty (little) package that’s designed for sharing. Bonus: Wedding trailers make great keepsakes for your wedding party and families.

…and easier to share…

Before your honeymoon’s even over, everyone will be asking to see pictures from the wedding. But that doesn’t mean they want to see all 2,978 shots your photographer snapped (not even your mom cares that much). Listen, we’re sure your photos will be a-maz-ing, but your friends are just going to skim them before skipping to the party pics (you know, the ones that they’re in). Save them the hassle and just send everyone a link to a short but sweet wedding trailer with all the day’s highlights (including the groomsmen singing “Livin’ on a Prayer” into pretend microphones).

…right then and there

Take advantage of your captive audience and show the trailer during your reception. Yep, that’s right: Same-day edits mean you can watch your wedding video at your wedding – something many couples are choosing to do. How does it work? Well, your videographer cuts a highlight reel of the day so far (think: both of you getting ready, scenes from the ceremony and your first few moments as a married couple) during the lull between the ceremony and the reception. Then, during dinner, you can watch it with your guests.

your video is really a movie…

The new breed of videographers is taking wedding videos to a completely new level. They’re essentially filmmakers who want to capture the day and your personalities in order to tell your wedding story. Similar to how your photographer will Photoshop and retouch your photos to look magazine-worthy, your videographer will cut and edit your video to make scenes flow together like a real movie. Except, unlike Hollywood, this love story is real, and it’s yours. (It’s also probably the only time someone is going to make a movie about you two, so take advantage.)

…that you can personalize

You can make your video as individual as the rest of your wedding and be as involved (or uninvolved) as you were with your wedding planning. Think about what parts of the day you want (and don’t want) to include, and don’t be afraid to give your videographer as much direction as you’d like,, whether that means choosing your favorite songs to play in the background or sitting in during the editing process. Look for a videographer who will work with your vision, but remember to stay open-minded and listen to his suggestions – that’s why you’re paying for a professional (not your wannabe-director cousin). So if he says a song won’t work with the style of your video, you may want to take his word for it.

oh, and it’s a pretty cool keepsake

Chances are you’ve seen photos from your parents’ or even grandparents’ weddings, but what about the videos? If you’re lucky enough to have caught even a few seconds of footage, you’ll probably agree – it’s priceless. Being able to see facial expressions and hear voices takes nostalgia to a whole new level. The reality is, your wedding day is going to fly by. Having videos to relive all of the moments (and show your kids one day) is an experience most couples will say is worth every penny.

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